Astrophotography Contest

The Astronomical Society of Penang organises the annual Astrophotography Competition. Out first competition was launched in year 2020 and has continued to inspired many amateur or professional astro-imaging enthusiasts amongst the Malaysian. To promote greater astrophotography venues, our society has also collaborated with the Dark Sky Malaysia in year 2021 to increase the awareness of the local community to protect the non-light polluted areas and reduce the use of street lights shining on to the sky in Malaysia. 

Over the years, more and more young Malaysian have started the passion on astrophotography and we do conduct a series of workshops to help improve the photography  and image processing skills for the community. 

Our competition usually runs from July through November annually and we encourage more enthusiasts to participate for the competition. Check out our past contests on the links below. Stay tune to our Astrophotography Contest 2022 soon with a series of workshops and outings.