What’s Up in The Sky

Have you ever wondered, was there anything happening up above us in the quiet-blue sky, day and night? A new initiative was launched by our members and committee members of the the Astronomical Society of Penang, namely “What’s Up In The Sky”. This program series has been up running since the second quarter this year starting 1st of April 2021. You will be able to find the video in our YouTube Channel under the What’s Up In The Sky Playlist.

We will walk you through each event through the month and show you some interesting facts about the events. Special astronomical events such as meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar and planetary occultations, conjunctions, etc. will be featured in the videos. For serious astronomers, you may want to get your equipment set up ready for the upcoming events. Most of the events covered in the video will be visible to the community in Malaysia and countries around Malaysia with the Day and Time mentioned tuned to the local Malaysian Time, MYT (UTC +8).  

You may also wish to take a look at the PDF which will be free for all to download. The PDF file can be found next to the video on our homepage. Please hit the subscribe button in order for us to notify and show you the notable celestial events of the month. Do let us know if you like our video in YouTube Channel and we hope to offer a more variety of events through the program each month. Feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook chat or email us at astronomicalsocietyofpenang@gmail.com. We welcome you to join our live event of the Astronomical Society of Penang once the pandemic is over.

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